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Mobile Hairdresser Berkhamsted

The cost of having your hair done at a salon is increasing. Not only is it becoming more expensive, it’s becoming more inconvenient too.

As a mobile hairdresser, Evie will visit you at a location that suits you, as well as a time that works best for you. You will no longer need to travel the busy high street of Berkhamsted in search for a space to park your car. Evie will deliver a professional service to your doorstep and charge a price that is affordable to everybody.

You can book an appointment with Evie below. If you refer a friend to Evie at the same time, you will also save 20% off the overall booking.

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  • Evie Moloney
    Mobile Hairdresser
    With over 7 years experience as a Hairdresser in a salon, Evie is highly skilled and able to assist with her clients needs delivering a professional service. Having spent many years in a salon, Evie has a number of hairdressing qualifications and is up to date with most modern hairdressing trends.

    If you are looking for a mobile hairdresser who offers a professional service at an affordable price – then contact me today.

    If you are not ready to book an appointment just yet, but would like to get some advice or recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact me.